VITESSE - Handout from 10/18/2000 course

This file briefly describes the similarities and differences in using VITESSE compared with LINKAGE/FASTLINK.



      final.out                    vfinal.out
      stream.out                   vstream.out

Here are some brief examples of how to run VITESSE. We start with shell scripts for MLINK and LINKMAP as produced by lcp (see the instructions for lcp). Then run:

(for MLINK)

oceanus% cnvrt_sh
Input file :mlink-pedin
Output file: vmlink-pedin
-> 88 lines processed
oceanus% vmlink-pedin


oceanus% cnvrt_sh
Input file :linkmap-pedin
Output file: vlinkmap-pedin
-> 155 lines processed
oceanus% vlinkmap-pedin

If VITESSE sees a complex (i.e., not simple) pedigree in the input. It will abort. If you have a data set with multiple pedigrees, some of which are not simple, my advice is: