Sequence Formats

The input sequence is piped through the Readseq program prior to being analyized. The Readseq program is developed and produced by, Biology Department, Indiana University. The program is available from the IUbio archive site.

The allowable input sequence formats are listed below:

  1. IG/Stanford	10. Olsen 
  2. GenBank/GB		11. Phylip3.2
  3. NBRF		12. Phylip
  4. EMBL		13. Plain/Raw
  5. GCG		14. PIR/CODATA
  6. DNAStrider		15. MSF
  7. Fitch		16. PAUP/NEXUS
  8. Pearson/Fasta
  9. Zuker

Note: READSEQ requires a minimum sequence length of 111 bps. for a Plain/Raw sequence to be recognized. If you are trying to submit plain/raw sequence shorter than this, make it FASTA by simply adding a first line consisting of a ">".

        For Example:

            Unaccepted                Accepted FASTA
            Short Sequence            Short Sequence

            ACGTGGGTGGGGG             >
            GGGGGGAC                  ACGTGGGTGGGGG