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Analysis is done using the SIGSCAN Version 4.05 suite of programs developed by Dr. Dan Prestridge. Information on SIGSCAN is maintained at the Advanced Biosciences Computing Center, University of Minnesota.

All analysis is done using the SCANS (group by signal) program from this suite. This overcomes inconsistencies among the three programs (SCANS, SCANL and SCANM) in their handling of sequence ambiguity characters. Our PERL program, post processes the output of SCANS to produce the grouped by signal, linear by sequence position and mapped to sequence results. For linear and mapped results, our results may differ from those produced by the SCANL and SCANM programs if there are characters outside ACGT present in the sequence. Even the grouped by signal results differ from standard SCANS output. SCANS groups the signals within each signal class, we globally group the signals.

The cgi-bin PERL program was developed by Robin Hart, BIMAS/CIT/NIH She had tremendous guidance, advice and support from Rao Parasa, BIMAS/CIT/NIH. For additional information contact Robin at rhart@helix.nih.gov or parasa@alw.nih.gov.

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